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We welcome you to visit our website for information regarding the Asian Thermal Spray Society (ATSS). The ATSS is a regional society but the members is not only limited to the Asian. Welcome all of people who devote thermal spraying to join us.

The main mission of the ATSS is to promote the advancements of research & developments and industrial applications of thermal spray technology in Asian countries through establishing information exchange platform (ATSC, Asian Thermal Spray Conference) and involvements of young researchers and students in thermal spray R&D.

ATSC is currently held two times every three years except the year when the International Thermal Spray Conference (ITSC) is held in Asian country. We hope that through ATSC the ATSS is able to bring regularly all researchers involved in R&D, technicians in thermal spray job shops, manufacturers of thermal spray materials and equipment, managers of the companies involving in thermal spraying in Asian to share the latest advancements of thermal spray technology.



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